A Comprehensive Look at Assisted Living Facility Services

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Most people dread the thought of placing their loved one in an assisted living facility. It's possible that they feel some kind of responsibility for their aging parents and don't want to feel like they've given up on them. Or maybe they're not sure the facility will provide the level of care their loved ones need.

Understanding the services in assisted living facilities can help alleviate that stress. It's not like you'll be parking your elderly one in a room with nothing to do.

Here are some of the various types of senior care you can expect when you utilize one of these homes.

Variety of Living Options

The first thing to expect when looking into senior care is the living options offered. Most facilities will offer some level of variety to choose from.

For example, aging seniors may choose to live alone in a one-bedroom apartment so they can maintain some level of independence. However, they may also settle for a companion suite apartment to help cut costs and avoid the solitude of living alone.

It all depends on the type of senior living facility or community you invest in.

Senior Fitness Programming

Senior fitness is an important part of elderly care. Physical activity helps to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, and it can improve your strength and balance. You can also expect to lower your pain and improve your mood as you stay active.

An assisted living facility should incorporate some kind of way to encourage physical fitness for their aging seniors. This may come in the form of a Zumba class, yoga, or walking clubs. Some other kinds of exercise include playing tennis or going for swims in the public pool.

In-Room Dining

Another important part of staying healthy is access to a well-balanced diet.

As a senior citizen, some of the best foods to eat include fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean proteins, and whole grains. Certain fruits and veggies contain high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. Dairy can help senior citizens fight osteoporosis and strengthen their bones.

In-room dining is a good service to have because it encourages healthy eating even when the individual feels antisocial or too tired to visit the main dining area. A resident can pick out the dish they want and have it brought to them.

There's also the option of dining with their fellow seniors in the dining hall. This allows for friendly conversation and working on their social skills.

Personal Care

One of the main reasons to look into a community for aging seniors is for them to get help with personal care tasks.

Many seniors struggle with simple things like cooking, cleaning up around the house, and even taking care of themselves. Living in assisted living facilities and senior communities means gaining access to personal care services.

This type of care is meant for individuals who need assistance with daily living activities. It's tailored to each person's needs and allows them to maintain as much autonomy as possible.

Weekly Housekeeping

Senior citizens can struggle to keep their homes clean for several different reasons ranging from mobility issues to depression. Unfortunately, their family members aren't always available to clean up after them in a moment's notice or even check in on them regularly.

Weekly housekeeping services ensure that your loved one isn't living in squalor, unforgotten. These cleaners can help as much or as little as is needed.

If a senior is more dependent, their cleaning service can handle more difficult parts like the gutters or their AC's air filters. Alternatively, they could handle most of the cleaning duties like sweeping and mopping.

Scheduled Transportation

A big part of maintaining one's independence as you age is being able to travel to and from your appointments. The problem is that not all senior citizens are able to drive for a number of reasons, whether they've had a recent stroke or their eyesight isn't what it used to be.

As such, assisted living facilities often offer transportation options for aging seniors. This most often takes the form of scheduled transportation. The residents can either arrange for their ride in advance or hop on a shuttle bus at a predesignated time.

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

Many older people have the skillset and experience to deal with home repairs. However, they don't always have the mobility or strength to get them done without hurting themselves.

24-hour emergency maintenance services are available for every resident at an assisted living facility or senior care community. If a pipe bursts or the power goes out, there will be someone there in a timely manner to fix it.

In most cases, these services are included in the initial cost of living there. The resident won't have to worry about paying for something like a new showerhead or wiring.

24-Hour Security and Staff Availability

If you've ever worried about your loved one while you were away, then you can rest easier knowing they'll be watched intently at a care community. Not only will staff check in on them regularly but there will also be security options in place to protect them.

Controlled access entryways have secure locking mechanisms to stop residents from wandering or accessing staff areas. Secure outdoor spaces give residents a chance to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without risk of getting hurt.

You can also rely on 24/7 surveillance and monitoring systems that allow team members to keep track of your loved ones.

Understanding the Services in Assisted Living Facilities

It's easy to worry about your aging parents when you also have your own life to deal with. Understanding the services in assisted living facilities gets rid of any confusion regarding what kind of protection they'll have when they become residents. It can also help you look for the kind of community that provides the amenities you consider most important.

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